About Services: Location Fixer or Field Specialist/Producer? Know the Difference and Advantages

There are different ways to approach Mongolia for your documentary film or TV Production –  it applies to all variations: reality TV shows, episodes, documentaries, news pieces, etc. At Adventure Studio (www.GERtoGER.org – Mongolia Location Fixer/Field Producer Operations) we will always conduct an initial rapid feasibility study for your production prior to negotiating contracts to ensure everyone is on the same page from the beginning. From that time forwards – you may decide if you prefer one of the following two options (upgrading later may be possible but we do not guarantee it – owing to circumstances, locations, etc.):

1) The “Mechanical (Mongolia Location Fixer) Approach” (basic package support) – you have a story and/or concept already and don’t require any creative/massive production support from locals beyond basic permissions and in-country logistics, translations, transportation, etc.… this is what most “fixer companies” in Mongolia provide.

2) The “Mongolia Field Specialist/Field Producer Approach” (full pacakge support) – even if you have a story – you highly value local knowledge, insights, experiences, know-how, etc., to greatly further shape your production and give it that ‘extra local-style’ which truly takes your production works from the ‘ordinary’ into the realm of ‘extraordinary’; this option includes our local knowledge (culture, history, language, know-how, etc.), national support networks, nomadic networks and communities, our dedicated office support of professionals, producers, production assistants, translators and much more.

At Adventure Studio we operate via both approaches as we know it’s about “your production” goals and aims. HOWEVER, if you are looking to advance your production to the next tier – then we highly recommend considering our “Field Specialist/Field Producer Approach” (full package support) for your production in Mongolia.

So the question is “how to determine” who is who in Mongolia’s film/tv industry? Who are the tested, tried and proven field specialists/producers from those who just throw a few words into a website or conversation with the aims of ‘faking it till they make it’…? It’s not about how many productions they have been the location fixer on – it’s about their “education, knowledge, creativeness, life’s works, passions, endeavors, achievements, recognitions, etc.,” that will clearly highlight their ‘true capacities’.

Here are only a “Few” Qualities that Determines True ‘Field Specialists/Producers’ from ‘Studios and Tour Operators’ who are not Field Producers… Anyone can manage a production when everything is operating smoothly – HOWEVER – it’s the tested, tried, proven and awarded Field Specialists/Producers that skillfully navigates the stormy seas when everyone else jumps ship.

 The Experienced Field Specialist/Producers knows “the waters” and stays at the helm and RIDES THE STORMS skillfully… as it’s in those moments that distinguishes the ‘ordinary’ from the ‘extraordinary’ and opens the doors for incredible moments that takes your footages to the next level and distinguishes the ‘normal standard shots’ from amazing testimonies of brilliance. Granted nobody desires storms (issues, etc.) but when you are in a stormy situation – YOU’LL definitely desire firsthand experience, knowledge and skill – that extra effort to turn those situations into “unforgetable moments” with style. That is what simply differentiates  ‘true field producers’ from ‘studios and tour operators’ – as a field producer:

  • Is ALREADY Learnt: A Real Field Producer HAS study the local language, culture, etc., via formal classes at a location institution or national university within the country (with the locals) – its that knowledge and firsthand insight which provides a sound foundation for location operations, creative aspects, risk assessments/mitigation and much more.
  • Is ALREADY Experienced: A Real Field Producer HAS driven themselves across Mongolia in the summer, fall, winter and spring – they have firsthand appreciation for all the risks involved (in different seasons/weather conditions in relation to terrains, etc.) and have nationwide networks already well-established for a variety of purposes: scouting, management, health and safety, accommodations, food & drink, etc.
  • Is ALREADY Skilled: A Real Field Producer HAS already established and is operating at community levels for years across the country and knows firsthand the local conditions; as there will be successes and “challenges”, your field specialist/field producer has a wealth of knowledge, experiences and tactics via “local know-how” to quickly solve a variety of local nuances in order to move the production forward.
  • Is ALREADY Trustworthy: A Real Field Producer WILL be 100% honest in day to day operational matters, abilities, situational environs, etc., BUT will also inform you that there are plans in place and maintains a professional environ. 
  • Is ALREADY Prepared: A Real Field Producer IS ALREADY 100% familiar with all the realities and is prepared to accept that he/she will be the most beloved and hated human resource on the teams… it’s the Field Producer who is equipped to step-up and handle any/all harsh seas in order to safely guide everyone to land… and to success.
  • Is ALREADY Recognized: A Real Field Producer IS ALREADY 100% tested, tried, proven and AWARDED… It’s the awards that determines how well the Field Specialist/Producer navigated the storms and created ‘safe environs’ for footages to be captured that well-deserves recognitions which “distinguishes” the ordinary from the extraordinary. 

The aforementioned are only a “few qualities” which makes an exceptional Field Specialist/Producer… Regardless if you are in the planning stages and/or are currently in production  – if you need a Specialist as an “Advisor” please do contact us directly  – there is nothing wrong in seeking us for consultations.